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Harmonic Ooze Records is an Intermedia Archive + Label / Collective Experiments In Sound & Performance In Western N. America / Tapes + Books + CD + Media. Harmonic Ooze Records is an amorphous continuation of earlier label formations that began in 2014. The project was founded as Shadowtrash Tape Group in 2014 in Boulder/Denver Colorado, transformed briefly into Unsilent Desert Press in 2019, and became Harmonic Ooze in 2022 when the label relocated and then acquired a permanent multi-use art space/venue/ non-traditional recording studio. 

The project / program is located at the Center For Harmonic Ooze (temp under construction!) in central Tucson, Arizona USA. More in 2024 on this front! Stay tuned

Inquire at: harmonicoozerecords (a t) g m a i l (d o t) c o m

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