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Nano Twin was a collaborative audio-visual group featuring Ryan Wade Ruehlen / Mark Banzhoff / Melanie Clemmons / Zak Loyd .

Nano Twin formed during autumn 2012 in Colorado. An obsessive layering and melding of various time-based media informs this four-piece group. Weaving through each others technologies produces intricate patterns, droning, auditory improvisations and technical-informational spoken word compositions. They imagine a narrative overlap between the rational-scientific mode of our society and alchemical and ritualized procedures. This crossbreeding of technologies range from high definition, immersive projection, concrete sonic amplification, lo-fi gestures and sound production as well as analog sculptures, such as televisions, trays, diagrams, cables, etc.

The images above, and video below, are from performances at The Black Box Theater in Boulder Colorado.

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