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The Decentralized Sonic Quarantine Network is a Youtube channel for live-stream based experimental performance. This channel was born out of the sudden collapse of live event opportunities as COVID-19 became a pandemic. The network ran for 3 months. This network is co-organized so that touring performers and others who depend on live opportunities to sustain their livelihood and spirit have a virtual venue to commune through. While venues temporarily, or permanently, shutter do to social distancing and societal upheaval, being connected to a community of artists and audience (and the interwoven relationship between those two distinctions) is vital to maintain. DSQN hopes to provide support for artists through the means of providing a collective channel for remote live performances. We hope this allows a broad audience to see/listen to new work in a real-time setting, and support the artists who participate through purchasing their albums or paying them directly for their performances.

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