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Fliching Eye Collective Promotional Video

Fliching Eye Collective / Central Sounds Presents Series / Centraltrak / Dallas TX / 2014

Ruehlen is a founding member of F.E.C. (2011-2020). Originating in Colorado in 2011, the Flinching Eye Collective was a roaming performance project made up of several artists who work collaboratively at the intersections of sound and various technology. Flinching Eye's live actions incorporate elements of improvisation, indeterminacy, philosophical playfulness and media archeology. While building compositions out of saw blades or sewing machines, or using the human body as an electrical conduit, listening becomes a key element of their enactments. Accentuating the awkward and humorous collapse of instruments, tools and ideas during many of their performances provokes a sense of urgency and potential failure at every turn. 

The collective's schizmatic D.I.Y. / academic background invite chaotic interactivity and immersive personal encounter with the audience through an onslaught of brief and sonically entangled performances. The terrain they form flows between delicate and somber to harsh and enveloping soundscapes. Influenced by a "touring band format" filtered through the politics of the Situationists and Fluxus, FEC's pop up events counter pre-built systems and consumer goods with bewildering poetic gestures hijaked from everyday life.

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