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Drum Set Situations are a performance collaboration between Cecyl Ruehlen and Adán De La Garza, aka R/A. R/A was first conceived in 2011 as the noise duo RZR/BLD/HND/JB, which focused on drum set triggered live sampling and harsh collage. In 2012 the project turned towards further percussive abstractions. Their primary source of interest lies in the format/layout of the drum set as sonic research. The drum set serves as a perceptual and structural tool for studying and producing the "sounds of sociality," becoming a carrier of manipulated texts that connect and rupture between opposing forces. The drum, which signifies the anthropic root for sublimating violence, continues to carry ritualistic symbolism in contemporary cultures. Drum Set Situations incorporates live percussion, found sound, digital sampling, and constructed noise. The duo view the drum set as an open-ended inquiry. These inquiries include varying versions and situations that become both acoustic instruments and the transmitting intermediaries of audio feedback.

Below are a collection of video works and still image documents from past performances.

Strobe Drum Set / 16 Performances Spliced Into 1/16 Second Fragments For Video

Rope Drum Set / Two Performers Tied To Each Other At The Arms And Legs

Rotation Drum Set / 4 Performances Layered While A/V Equipment Is In Constant Rotation

Impromptu Cymbal Set / Performed Inside The Tank: Center For The Sonic Arts / Colorado

Speaker Drum Set / Various Powered Speaker Cones & Microphones W/ MAX MSP

Cymbal Drum Set / Angle Grinders, Cymbals, Fabricated Metal Object

RZR/BLD/HND/JB Live at Rhinoceropolis / Denver Colorado / 2012

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